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In 2009 itek Energy’s Founder, John Flanagan, inspired by the challenges presented by carbon intensive energy sources, chose to take his skill in manufacturing and apply it in the most tangible manner possible – build solar panels for Washington in Washington! After 4 years of research and investment the dream of itek Energy was born. In the first year of production, itek built over 7,000 panels, amounting to over a megawatt of solar built and installed in Washington.  itek has grown from a founding team of 3 to over 35 full time employees, providing economic stimulation to Whatcom County. With continual upgrades, we now have the production capacity to produce more than 25 megawatts of solar power per year, making us the largest solar manufacturer in Washington State.  By the end of 2014, the manufacturing team at itek plans to produce one of the most powerful 60-cell panels in the country. The result of production efficiencies and simultaneous business growth, has allowed itek to cut costs to its customers, steadily driving down the price of Washington-built solar equipment.

This remarkable expansion and increased efficiency has literally been built with solar power at itek Energy. In January of last year, itek installed 64 of its own panels on the roof of the factory. Even with the solar array covering only a small portion of the roof, itek’s efficient panels produced enough power in July to provide about 30% of the factory’s power needs. itek plans to install an additional array in 2014 to demonstrate the potency of renewable energy in Washington, especially with the high load requirements in a manufacturing setting.

From the start itek’s focus has been to utilize quality and cost savings provided by bringing precision robotic assembly and proven lamination technology to local manufacturing. itek’s designers and engineers are long time Washington locals and are passionate about solar. We build solar panels that are tailored for our Northwest weather.  Our textured, prismatic glass is ideal for capturing the diffuse light that is characteristic of Washington state solar conditions. From the record setting snows of the North Cascades, to the strong and persistent winds of Central Washington, to the damp defuse light environments in the coastal regions, itek Energy panels are built to last and produce power regardless of where you live in Washington.

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