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Solar system installations are in fact mini power plants. Systems can be tied either to your electric utility grid (grid-tied), off-grid and backed up by battery, or a combination of both. When grid-tied systems produce more electricity than is used, the excess electricity gets pushed back out onto the grid contributing to the utilities over-all production. Credit is issued to the solar system owner by the utility for the excess power produced through net metering programs.

To get started,contact an installer near you.

Whether you have a residential or commercial solar project in mind, you can get started by contacting a solar installer. An installer will:

                                                                      • Conduct a site assessment of your property

                                                                      • Determine your energy needs

                                                                      • Guide you through financing options

                                                                      • Help you navigate local, State, and Federal solar financial incentives*

*Through what are some of the most robust incentives in the nation residents of Washington State can pay off their solar system investment in as little as 6 years by using made-in-Washington solar products.


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