itek Energy Reaches 2 Megawatts of Solar Modules Built in Washington

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Washington’s Fastest Growing Solar Manufacturer Supplies over 350 Homes with Solar Systems in their First Year of Operation.

Bellingham, Washington, December 13th, 2012. itek Energy, Washington’s largest and fastest growing solar module manufacturer, crossed a significant milestone today. Itek reached 2 megawatts of solar panels built and shipped since manufacturing began in November 2011. In 13 months itek Energy has manufactured over 350 individual home and small businesses solar systems out of the facility in Bellingham, Washington. The strong growth in Washington State’s solar market has propelled itek Energy to hire 21 employees, invest in expanded production capacity, and drive down the price of high quality locally manufactured solar products for Washington costumers.

By supplying 2 megawatts of solar generating capacity to Washington home owners, itek Energy has provided local customers the opportunity to reduce their power bills and become more energy independent. Some itek costumers are driving their electric vehicles on the power they produce from the sun at their own home. “The excitement around solar is building, because people are really recognizing how well solar works in Washington, our long cool summer days are ideal for solar production” said John Flanagan, Founder and CEO of itek Energy.  Washingtonians’ excitement about solar was reflected in the American Solar Energy Society’s, National Solar Tour on October 6th. itek Energy’s facility alone hosted more than 130 people for factory tours and solar home visits.

Washington home owners are eligible to earn up $5000 per year from local utilities for the solar power they generate on their residential solar system through Washington State’s Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery program. The highest incentive payment comes when home owners buy local and install solar systems built in Washington. The program has been in place for six years and 2012 proved to be the largest year for solar installations to date. With seven years left in the program itek Energy and Washington’s solar installers are investing in capacity anticipating a busy and bright year for solar in 2013.

Karl Unterschuetz
Itek Energy
Bellingham, WA 98226

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