Solar Power Projects

Powered by the Sun, Manufactured by Itek Energy

Itek Energy solar modules can be found on over 65 megawatts of installations in Washington State, and we have installations in many locations across the United States. By providing our customers with reliable, high efficiency modules, we are fulfilling our mission of powering a thriving future through a dedication to quality manufacturing.

Featured Residential Projects

In addition to being good for the planet, residential solar panels offer many other benefits—including lower electric bills and increased home values.

“I invested in solar for two main reasons, utility savings and environmental concerns. . . . I will pay off the system this year using the incentives and utility savings and will then save approximately $1000 a year on my utility bill.”      -David Watterson, Home Owner

Featured Commercial Projects

Adding solar panels to your business reduces both your long-term operating costs and your carbon footprint. Plan for the future with Itek Energy.

“After 12 years in the industry, Itek is the highest quality of panels I’ve installed.”     -Josh Miller, Western Solar

Featured Community Projects

Solar energy is empowering, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels is better for everyone. Through various community projects, Itek is creating equitable access to clean energy.

“Equipped with Washington-made Itek Energy solar modules, Rolls-Surrette batteries, and Outback Power Off-Grid equipment, the Maya Jaguar School will have clean, reliable electricity for years to come.”     -Twende Solar