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itek Energy Solar Moduleitek Energy Black Frame Solar Module

Our highly efficient, monocrystalline modules are the most powerful modules made in Washington, reaching power outputs above 270 Watts.  Designed to utilize more of the Northwest’s defused light, standard racking systems and weighing only 43 lbs, they are also the most economical to install.  Our 2″ frame is designed specifically to allow for micro-inverter and DC Optimizer attachments, along with extra snow and wind loads. Our silicon cells are some of the highest efficiency p-type cells on the market. The encapsulates are of the highest quality in the industry and our ultra-clear, low iron solar glass is specifically designed and manufactured for light conditions common in the Pacific Northwest.

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itek Energy HE Module Spec Sheet (Silver Frame Version)

itek Energy HE Module Spec Sheet (Black Frame Version)

Sales Spec Sheet

Module Warranty

Five Page Brochure

Installation Manual

Built-in-Washington Certificate


Eltek THEIA HE-t UL String Inverters – 2.0, 2.9, 3.8 & 4.4 kW

Certified Made-in-WA String Inverter


Photon Professional “A” Rating

Red Dot Award 

Norwegian Design Council


Owners / Installation Manual

Owners Manual Addendum

Monitoring Setup Guide

Theia Inverter Spec Sheet

Built-in-Washington Certificate

Standard 10-year Warranty



Maximum efficiency 97.3% with galvanic isolation
Suitable for all panel technologies

High quality components
Robust design
Protection level IP65 and intelligent thermal design

Ease of Use
Color screen with touch sense buttons
Intuitive user interface
Flexible connection kits with a multitude of fuses/connection options

Monitoring and Communication
Complete site overview from one single inverter
Integrated web server with easy-to-use monitoring software
Multilingual display

The THEIA HE-t series inverters deliver 97 percent efficiency and are lightweight and compact. The units feature a flexible connection set, backlit color display and integrated web server for quick configuration and easy operation. The
THEIA HE-t has won multiple design and performance awards. PHOTON, a prominent international solar energy magazine, awarded the THEIA HE-t it’s new “A rating” for performance at both medium and high solar irradiance.


It won the prestigious Red Dot award: product design 2012, as well as the Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence for demonstrating innovative industrial product design. The THEIA HE-t range defines a new level of efficiency, flexibility and user friendliness for isolated solar string inverters.

Eltek Theia grid tie inverter is top in its class for design and efficiency:

To see the THEIA’s cutting edge monitoring software in action check out the array on itek Energy’s own facility.  Click on the picture below to visit our monitoring page.  Enter in the following login information and watch solar modules being built by solar!  Username: guest  Password: guest

itek Energy’s Solar Array Monitoring


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