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Quality Manufacturing

Every Itek Energy module is a masterpiece of design. Maximum efficiency, long-term performance (PID Free 500 hours), and an exemplary record of reliability combine to make the highest power 60 cell PERC module.  High quality components and ease of installation add to lower overall system costs.

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The Itek Experience

Partnering with Itek means gaining access to an unprecedented level of customer service. Our knowledgeable team are available for questions, planning and problem solving. We manufacture local and we ship local, which means faster delivery for you. Your solar solution is just a phone call away.

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Itek’s mission of powering a thriving future means making a positive impact. From manufacturing the only Declare-labeled solar panel in the U.S. to partnering with Habitat for Humanity to power low-income housing, we’re dedicated to benefiting both the environment and our community.

Strengthening Communities

ARRA, BAA, and TAA Solar Project Compliant



Highest Quality Cells

We use only the best components in the industry. Our monocrystalline silicon cells are some of the most efficient P-type cells in the world. Itek Modules are PID Free (500 hours) and show reduced  light induced degradation.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

We collect and analyze quality control data at every step of the manufacturing process in order to quickly and efficiently improve as needed. Guaranteeing that only the best product leaves the manufacturing floor.

Superior Glass

We’ve chosen solar glass that features an anti-glare prismatic sub-surface texture, capturing the most light possible. Perfect for the diffuse low light conditions common in the Pacific Northwest or the 365 days of direct sun in the Mojave Desert.

Manufactured In Washington

We pride ourselves on being not only Made in Washington certified but in providing the high quality you would expect from a product that has been intentionally assembled on domestic soil. BAA, TAA and ARRA solar project compliant.

Corrosion Resistant Frames

Our frames are built to handle heavy wind and snow loads, accommodate microinverters and DC Optimizer attachments, and are compatible with standard racking systems.

Long Term Reliability, Warranty Guaranteed

You can have peace of mind knowing the long-term reliability of your investment is ensured by a 10 year product warranty and 25 year service warranty.

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What our Customers Say

After12 years in the industry, Itek is the highest quality of panels I've installed.- Josh Miller (General Manager, Western Solar)
We are down to just paying the minimum daily charge that SNOPUD charges . . . which covers all our our home and car usage. Best of all, since I have all west facing panels, we stay very cool in the summer as the radiant energy is now converted to electrical rather than waste heat in the attic.- Andrew Ferng (Home Owner)
I invested in solar for two main reasons, utility savings and environmental concerns. . . . I will pay off the system this year using the incentives and utility savings and will then save approximately $1000 a year on my utility bill. - David Watterson (Home Owner)
A&R Solar recommended Itek panels to us as part of our project to offset more than 1/2 of our net energy from solar. Going solar was a logical last step in making our 1939 bungalow as efficient as possible.- David Cox (Home Owner)