Fixing Solar Lights with Nail Polish | Is It Worthy?

On Quora or Reddit, you may have found that people are using nail polish for fixing their smaller solar walkway lights or solar garden lights. Now, you are wondering whether it’s possible to fix solar lights with nail polish or not. 

Well, in that case, the answer is yes. You can use clear nail polish to fix the solar lights. The clear nail polish acts like a conductor which helps the light to work again unless the light is physically damaged.

If you have a confusion about the use of nail polish for fixing solar lights and how to do so, then this article can be of help. In today’s article, we have shared why you should use nail polish and how to use this to fix solar lights. So, buckle up, and let’s drive inside the article.

Fixing Solar Lights with Nail Polish

Is Using Nail Polish for Fixing Solar Lights a Wise Decision?

Yes, there is nothing to be confused about while using nail polish for fixing a solar light. Now, you may ask why so, and asking this question is very normal. Well, the reason behind using nail polish is, that nail polish acts like a conductor and besides this, it helps to turn on the lights. 

Additionally, using it, light can be passed through the solar panel more easily. As a result, you will get a brighter light. Now, let’s find out how nail polish work. The solar lights are made of Resin. The same substance is used in nail polish too. This resin is a hard and glossy material that reflects light better. 

By using clear nail polish on the solar lights, the solar will be able to generate more power, and using the nail polish on the solar cells will help to shine the light brighter.

Steps for Fixing Solar Lights with Nail Polish

Having issues with the solar light source is a very annoying thing. However, you can fix this issue very easily by using nail polish. The procedure is very easy and it won’t take that much time. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Step 1: First, unplug the solar lights from the batteries. After that, take a clean dry cloth.
  • Step 2: Use a dry cloth to clean the surface of the solar lights. If dust stays on it then the nail polish won’t be applied on it properly.
  • Step 3: Take a paintbrush or you can use the nail polish brush to apply nail polish on the solar cells. Make sure that nail polish is applied all over the solar cell area.
  • Step 4: After applying the nail polish, wait for a couple of hours until the nail polish dries properly. Until it dries out properly, it won’t work.

After drying the nail polish, turn on the lights, and if still the solar light isn’t turning on then you may need to replace the light with a new one.

Things You Need to Remember Before Applying Nail Polish on Solar Lights

There are a few important things that you will need to remember or maintain while applying nail polish to the solar lights. If you can maintain these then you will get a proper outcome. Now, let’s find out about them.

  • Do not apply nail polish without removing the plastic cover on the solar lights. By doing so, the nail polish mightn’t reach the solar cells.
  • Always apply a thin coat of nail polish. Do not apply a thick coat.
  • For better protection, you can use UV protection spray after applying the nail polish. It will keep the solar from UV damage as well as it will increase the light’s lifespan. By doing so, you can create a barrier on your solar lights to keep them away from this kind of not working issue.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Do You Clean Cloudy Plastic Solar Lights?

By using soapy water with a cloth, you can clean cloudy plastic solar lights very easily. Take the cloth, soak it in the water, and gently clean the solar light.

Can I use Acetone on solar panels?

Yes, you can use acetone on solar panels for clearing dust and debris. But while using this, it may cause discolor issues with your solar lights.

Can I fix all types of solar lights with nail polish?

Yes, you can use clear nail polish but not colored nail polish for fixing any type of solar light.


Lastly, nail polish can be used to fix all types of solar lights without any issues. Additionally, it’s a very cost-effective and easy method that can be applied within 5 to 6 minutes. Use nail polish and clear your old solar cells quickly to enjoy the solar lights again.

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