AGM Battery Cut-Off Voltage | Easy Explanation

Who doesn’t want more from their battery? If there was an option to never charge them, we would do it, wouldn’t we? No matter what the battery type. 

But like any other thing, there is a dangerous level of discharge point where any battery will shut off. Which is called the cut off voltage. Fearing it is reaching its lowest point, your battery will stop working.

Then what is the AGM battery cut off voltage? Its ranges between 10.5-11.4 volts. Why? Because different manufacturers have different cut-off voltages. But it is somewhere between that number. 

Should you go beyond that settings on your devices like solar panels and keep on using them as they are Deep Cycle batteries? We are going to talk about why you should not. 

AGM Battery Cut-Off Voltage

Why AGM Battery Cut Off Voltage Like That?

Although the level of your AGM battery might say Deep Cycle, that doesn’t mean it will go above and beyond its limits to fulfill your tasks. It has its own failsafe which is the cut-off voltage.

The reason behind this is pretty obvious. Not to damage itself. If you set your AGM batteries cut off voltage beyond the recommended point, the battery plats get damaged first. Then some more misuse will lead to battery sulfation. And you don’t want that to happen. Because it reduces the battery’s working capacity and also the life expectancy. Not to mention, the risk of catching fire. 

So if you value your hard-earned money and battery, then you shouldn’t set the cut-off voltage beyond the manufacturer’s recommended limits. Unless you want a new battery every few months or so. 

Few Tips To Keep Your Agm Battery Safe And Running 

  • Always use a battery charger to keep your battery charged. Don’t go DIY with them.
  • Store your battery after it is fully charged by disconnecting it from the load. 
  • If your battery is not in use, disconnect all wires and store them. 
  • A battery monitor will help you know when the battery is going low.
  • Neve deep discharge. A deep cycle means better high power amperage, not going into zero voltage to perform. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What voltage is 50% of an AGM battery?

The 50% of an AGM battery means it is at 11.95 voltage. 

What is the lowest voltage for 12v AGM?

The lowest voltage for a 12V AGM battery is 10.5V. But it changes from manufacture to manufacture. So make sure you read the box or manual. 

How low can you discharge a 12v AGM battery?”

The lowest you can discharge a 12V AGM battery is 50%. Which sums up to 12.1V. Going under that will damage your battery, even catch fire or reduce the capacity. 


Everything in life is not a toothpaste tube, that you can squeeze every last bit of it. Or the tuna can you are going to scrape off. Especially not your rechargeable AGM batteries. It will always outperform if you take care of it. And by taking care, we mean not to set the cut off voltage below the manufactures said level. 

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