[Explained] What Can I Do With A 1.5 Watt Solar Panel? 

When you think about solar panels, they are huge and strong and generate power from the sun. Strong as a hulk as we say. But there are smaller ones too if you know. Like calculators and watches had them. If you are a camper and like handy gadgets, you will also come across keyfob size solar-powered keychain lights too.

But what about the 1.5-watt one? Depending on the size, they produce 12V of electricity. What can you do with a 1.5-watt solar panel? Well, you can charge car batteries while driving or out in the wild, power small electronics or yard lamps, keep your idle batteries trickle charged and so much more. 

Small doesn’t mean inefficient, just small. We are going to talk all about the things you can do with them. 

What Can I Do With A 1.5 Watt Solar Panel

9 Things You Can Do With A 1.5 Watt Solar Panel

1.5 watts might not sound much, but there are endless possibilities with a 1.5-watt solar panel. And you will be amazed to find out what you can do with them from our list of things. 

1. Charging Your Car Battery 

A lot of time our car batteries fail on us. And by the time we get the car started, it will take a while for them to charge up. That’s a ton of engine power, and gas! Using a 1.5 watt solar panel to hook them up will cut down on your gas. And it will keep on charging. If you have the sun out of course. 

2. Using It For Off-Grid Monitoring

Wildlife watchers set up off-grid cameras. Also, farmlands need off-grid monitors for predators to be aware of, as there is livestock in the fields during the night. So powering these monitors, cameras with only electricity is not efficient. Talk about the wiring it will require! A solar panel is the best option. All you need is your device, battery, and the panel. And you are set.

3. Outdoor Lighting Setup

Yard and fence lights around a huge area are always good for nighttime watch and activity. But again, wiring is the issue. Underground wiring does not come in cheap. And maintaining them is a whole different game. But having a solar panel powering them up is a lot less hassle-free and cost-effective. 

4. Charging Small Electronic Devices

Small devices like phones, flashlights, and speakers can be charged with a 1.5 watt charger. Especially if there is a power outage, and you need a quick fix, this solar panel is your best hope.

5. On Solar-Powered Toys

Who doesn’t love some RC time? Also, small solar-powered boats? Cars, boats, and even RC airplanes can be charged via a solar panel, that you can also carry around with you. No more carrying a huge bulky battery in the RC park!

6. DIY Projects

For all those DIY projects that require a battery and electricity, you can go green with them. Especially if you love the environment. Simply attach your electric DIY project to the solar panel, inverter, and battery, and let it run without any worry. 

7. Emergency Charging While Outdoors 

We are not in the era of the Nokia 3310 anymore people. Our iPhones and Androids die at the end of the day. So how do you charge them while camping and hiking? A 1.5-watt solar panel of course! Hook it up and carry it around with your camping gear. Charge whenever you want!

You can also charge your night lamps and other accessories, having endless power!

8. Trickle Charging 

A lot of our winter vehicles need their batteries to be removed after all the fun in the snow. They should be fully charged and stored. But as far as batteries go, they start to deplete. This is why you need to keep them in a trickle charging state so you don’t come to an empty battery cell. A solar panel can do this for you, without costing you any electric bill.

9. Run A Motion Or Temperature Sensor

Motion sensors and temperature sensors are a necessity nowadays. But like any electric device, they require power. But before punching in a hole and winding some wires, you can go ahead and use a 1.5 solar panel to power them up for life. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Will a 1.5 watt solar panel overcharge a battery?

The quick answer is no. A 1.5-watt solar panel cannot overcharge your batteries. Any solar panel that gives out 15 watts of electricity or below, will not overcharge batteries. 

What can you do with a 5 watt solar panel?

You can use a 5-watt solar panel to power up sensors and small gadgets, batteries, trickle-charge idle ones, power smaller DIY projects, and even LED lamps.

Does a 1.5 watt solar panel need a charge controller?

No. A 1.5 watt solar panel does not require a charge controller.

How many volts will a 1.5 watt solar panel produce?

A 1.5-watt solar panel produces 12 V of electricity. 


Turns out you can do a lot with a 1.5 watt solar panel. With its small size, it might sound a bit off at first, but necessity is the boss of everything. So go on crazy with all your DIY, camping or charging all you want with a 1.5 watt panel. As it does not require any charge controller like huge panels, you are basically equipped with free electricity. 

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