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Which Solar Companies Have The Best Warranties? My Findings

With solar panels expected to last 25-30 years, the warranty provided by solar companies has become a key factor for homeowners to consider. For this, many ask the same question – which solar companies have the best warranties?

The best solar panel warranties guarantee very high system production over time and protection from defects and necessary repairs. The length of coverage for products and labor varies widely in the solar industry from 10-25 years. SunPower and Panasonic stand out as the companies with the best warranties right now due to their comprehensive coverage and reliable panel technology.

In this article, I will compare the warranties of the top solar companies in depth. I’ll cover product and performance guarantees, lifetime expectations, company stability, and more to bring clarity to this critical aspect of going solar. Let’s begin!

Which Solar Companies Have The Best Warranties

What Makes A Strong Solar Panel Warranty?

When evaluating solar panel warranties, here are the key factors to look for:

Length of Coverage

The longer the coverage, the better. You want protection in case issues arise many years down the road. Top-tier solar panels are built to last 25-30 years, so a warranty that matches or exceeds that lifespan demonstrates confidence.

Product (equipment) coverage

This protects against defects and failures in materials and components. Complete coverage of solar panels, inverters, and mounting equipment is ideal. Labor to repair/replace components should be included.

Performance Guarantee

Also called a “production warranty”, this ensures your system will maintain a very high level of energy production year after year. Getting 85-88% of original output in year 25 is considered excellent.

Company stability

Huge solar panel manufacturers with decades in business and strong financials are more likely to be able to honor warranties down the road. Small startups carry more risk.


The ability to transfer warranties when selling your home with solar panels increases system value for the new owners.

Best Solar Panel Warranties

RankCompanyProductInverterRacking EquipmentLaborPower
1SunPower25 years25 yearsYes25 years with SunPower affiliated installers92% EC, 90% AC at year 25
2Panasonic25 years25 years if panels bundled with Enphase microinverters in AllGuard warrantyYes with AllGuard warranty25 years if installed by an authorized installer and registered within 60 days of warranty start date92% EverVolt, 90.76% HIT at year 25
3REC25 yearsNoNo25 years for REC Certified Solar Professional installers for systems <25 kW (10 years for systems 25-500 kW)92% Alpha, 86% REC N-Peak & TwinPeak 4, 80.7% REC TwinPeak (60-cell), 85.5% TwinPeak (72-cell) at year 25
4CertainTeed25 yearsYes, 25 years for microinverters/power optimizers,12 years for string inverters with Gold installersYes and also covers asphalt roof shingles15 years for Silver installers, 25 years for Gold installers85% at year 25
5QCELLS25 yearsNoNo25 years, up to $250 in labor costs for solar panels registered through Q.PARTNER program and less than or equal to 25 kW*86% G10+, 85% for all other panels at year 25
6Silfab25 yearsNoNoNo85.1% at year 25
7Solaria25 yearsNoNo25 years, up to $300 for the first visit and no more than $200 for the second visit86% at year 25
8AXITEC15 yearsNoNoNo85% at year 25
9Aptos Solar15 yearsNoNoNo85.1% at year 25
Industry standard10 yearsNoNoNo80% at year 25

Now let’s analyze the warranties from leading solar companies in the US…

SunPower: The gold standard for solar warranties


SunPower is renowned for having the solar industry’s best-combined equipment and performance warranties:

  • Product coverage: Complete parts and labor coverage for 25 years. One of the longest in solar. Also includes 10-year coverage for wiring and mounting equipment.
  • Performance guarantee: 92% of minimum power output guaranteed after first year. Remains above 85% of original output through Year 25. Far exceeds standard warranty degradation curves.
  • Company stability: 45 years in business, owned by French energy giant TotalEnergies. Very strong finances back up their warranties.
  • Transferable: Fully transferable to new homeowners.

With extremely thorough coverage until your panels turn 25 years old, SunPower leaves little doubt about their warranties. Their premium panel technology plays a key role in enabling such high-performance guarantees over time.

Panasonic: Legendary electronics giant with strong solar warranties


Another iconic electronics brand, Panasonic has adapted its technology expertise to the solar industry remarkably fast. Their warranty package is comprehensive:

  • Product coverage: 25-year coverage for panels, and 25 years for inverters. Labor included.
  • Performance guarantee: 92% efficiency after first-year drop-off. Remains above 90.8% efficiency at Year 25.
  • Company stability: The century-old, $70 billion Panasonic will be around and able to honor warranties.
  • Transferable: Fully transferable for 25 years.

Panasonic solar panels have tested at the top of independent degradation studies, living up to their performance guarantee. And the sheer size and history of Panasonic give peace of mind for long-term ownership. Overall, Panasonic is absolutely among the solar companies with stellar warranties worth relying on.

REC: Matching SunPower’s gold standard

REC Matching SunPower's

Hot on SunPower’s heels, REC Solar has stepped up with similar “gold standard” warranties in recent years:

  • Product coverage: 25 years of parts and labor coverage. Extensive protection similar to SunPower.
  • Performance guarantee: 92% of original output after first-year degradation. Guaranteed over 86% by Year 25, nearly as strong as SunPower.
  • Company stability: Backed by electronics giant REC’s decades of manufacturing history and billions in assets.
  • Transferable: Fully transferable for 25 years.

REC offers virtually the same warranty terms as SunPower but with a slightly lower performance guarantee (which is still ahead of the rest of the industry). The REC and SunPower warranties set the bar that other solar companies try to reach.

CertainTeed: Big name with an uneven solar warranty history


When you think of companies leading the solar energy revolution, CertainTeed may be one of the first that comes to mind. However, their solar business has gone through major changes recently. This has impacted their solar warranties over time.

Originally, CertainTeed provided strong 25-year equipment coverage and 30-year annual performance guarantees after acquiring SolarCity panel manufacturing in 2016. But CertainTeed later ended their solar panel production, sourcing from 3rd parties like CertainTeed and Panasonic instead.

  • Product coverage: Their product warranties now vary widely depending on the supplier, ranging from 15-25 years. This complexity makes their overall equipment coverage uneven compared to competitors.
  • Performance guarantee: The performance guarantee remains at 85% efficiency by Year 25 across products. Good level but not sessions industry-best tier.
  • Company stability: CertainTeed’s company stability seems strong with their EV leadership and visionary CEO Elon Musk. But their solar division finances have been very unsteady, giving some analysts pause about long-term commitments.
  • Transferability: Transferability terms have shifted around some as well but now allow homeowners to transfer to new owners.

So while CertainTeed offers some compelling elements, their history of solar warranty changes and uneven product coverage make them less competitive than SunPower, CertainTeed, and Panasonic overall.

Smaller brands may cut corners on solar warranties

Less established solar companies are under more pressure to keep costs down to grow sales. This often results in reduced warranties, including

  • Shorter length – 10-12 years rather than 25 years coverage.
  • Narrow product scope – Just covering the solar panels themselves, not other system parts like wiring or racking.
  • Lower performance guarantee – As little as 80% efficiency in Year 10 or 12 rather than Year 25 guarantees in the 85-90% range.
  • Not transferable – Dropping home value.

Most local/regional solar companies cannot match the warranties of giants like SunPower and CertainTeed. However, some small solar providers go above and beyond with strong warranty packages while keeping their pricing reasonable. So homeowners who want to support local solar should still shop around.

When warranties fall short,

Unfortunately, even the best solar warranties only provide assurance rather than a guarantee you won’t have any issues. Equipment defects, underperformance, and even company bankruptcies can undermine promises made. Thoroughly vet any installer you’re considering. Check warranty background and seek out customer feedback on their responsiveness in addressing problems that arise.

Our Verdict: The Warranty Differences For Your Solar Decision

When comparing the warranties of SunPower, CertainTeed, Panasonic, and other solar panel manufacturers, a clear-tier system emerges:

Gold (Best): SunPower and CertainTeed warranties set the absolute top standard for coverage length, performance guarantee, company track record, and transferability.

Silver (Excellent): Panasonic, REC, Qcells, and other big brands offer strong 25-year equipment and 80%+ efficiency guarantees to compete with CertainTeed and SunPower. Nice options for reliable cost solar.

Bronze (Good): Many smaller solar companies provide 20-25-year product coverage and moderate performance warranties around the 80% efficiency mark in Years 10 or 15. Can represent good value.

Not Recommended: Avoid solar providers offering less than 20 years of coverage or minimal performance guarantees. The risk of being left paying for problems out of warranty outweighs modest upfront price savings.

The “cost per warranted watt” takes the system cost and divides it by the watts the company guarantees will be working properly after 25 years. This solar warranty metric quantifies long-term value for homeowners’ panel investment.

Ultimately the importance you place on having watertight solar equipment and efficiency guarantees over decades of operation should guide your decision making. The warranty variation between the market leaders and less established players can be substantial.

Bonus Tip: Guide to Claim Solar Panel Warranties

Here is the table to help you claim your solar panel warranty:

CompanyHow To File A ClaimCustomer Service LocationPhone NumberHoursWhat To Expect
Aptos SolarFirst contact installer, if the customer can’t reach the installer, submit a claim in writing by mail to Aptos Solar.Santa Clara, CA408-931-60548:30 am – 5:00 pm PST Mon – FriAfter a menu, will likely send you to voicemail
AXITECContact AXITEC in writingLogan Township, NJ856-393-78008:30am – 5:00pm EST Mon – FriNo menu, straight to a person
CertainTeedContact installer or contact CertainTeed directly through website or over phoneMalvern, PA800-345-11458:30am – 5:00pm EST Mon – FriMenu, a person will likely answer after prompts
PanasonicContact installer or Panasonic directly and submit claim form with required photos via emailOnly online
QCELLSEmail or write to claims department if in purchase agreementIrvine, CA949-748-59968:00am – 5:00pm PST Mon – FriAfter a menu, will likely send you to voicemail
RECNotify installer, need proof of original purchase and must include description of defect and product’s serial number in claimAcross the United States877-890-8930No hours listedNo menu, straight to a person
SilfabContact installer, installer will submit a return merchandise authorization on your behalf, can also contact Silfab directly via email or phoneBellingham, WA360-569-47338:30am – 5:00pm PST Mon – FriAfter a menu, will likely be placed on an automatic hold
SolariaEmail or write to claims department directlyFremont, CA510-270-25078:00am – 5:00pm PST Mon – FriAfter a menu, will likely send you to voicemail
SunPowerNotify installer and contact SunPower directly by phone or via emailPhillippines800-786-769324/7Menu, a person will likely answer after prompts


When determining which solar companies offer the best assurances for long-term solar panel purchases, SunPower and CertainTeed emerge as the gold standards, with Panasonic close behind. Their exceptional 25-year comprehensive equipment and performance warranties demonstrate confidence in producing and standing behind elite solar technology engineered to last. Reliable large companies like these give homeowners confidence in securing solar power solutions for decades rather than years. Hopefully, this breakdown has provided useful clarity to compare solar panel warranties as you assess installers. Reach out with any other questions!

Questions and Answers

What Does A Good Solar Panel Warranty Cover?

A strong solar panel warranty covers both the equipment/parts for 25 years and offers a performance guarantee ensuring very high efficiency (80-92%) through Year 25. Having coverage for wiring, racking, and labor costs makes the warranty protection even better.

What Percentage Of Efficiency Do Solar Panels Lose Per Year?

High-quality solar panels lose just 0.5-0.8% of their efficiency per year. So after 25 years of installation, you could expect anywhere from 80-85% of the original power output. Lower-quality panels can degrade faster than 1% annually.

Do Most Residential Solar Panels Last 25-30 Years?

Yes, as long as they are an efficient, reliable model from a leading manufacturer and paired with a good inverter. Well-made solar systems can keep providing renewable power for 25 years or longer. Proper maintenance helps them reach full lifespan.

Can You Claim On A Solar Panel Warranty After 20 Years?

Yes – solar panel product and performance warranties are designed specifically to provide coverage throughout the 25+ year lifecycle. Even if an issue arises later on, you can make a warranty claim as long as the terms are still active.

What Happens When Solar Panel Warranties Expire?

Once original solar panel warranties hit their end dates, the manufacturer is no longer on the hook to replace or compensate owners for energy production shortfalls or equipment failures. Replacement solar panels can be purchased, but likely at full rather than discounted warranty prices.

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