C10 vs C20 Solar Battery | Comparison Between them

Nowadays, C10 and C20 batteries are the most commonly used for preserving solar energy. Due to this, you have decided to buy one of these batteries but are confused about which one will be suitable for you. Both of the batteries have a specific side where they are the best. Basically, the main difference between these two batteries is the discharge time.

In this article, we have discussed the difference and also shared our opinion about when you should use C10 and when you should go for a C20 battery.

So, buckle up, and let’s dive straight into this article to learn about the differences between C10 and C20 solar batteries. 

C10 vs C20 Solar Battery

What are the Differences Between C10 and C20 Solar Batteries

The C-rated batteries come with the same capacity. To make it clear, the C10 and C20 solar batteries have the same amount of capacity. The rating of both batteries indicates the discharging and charging time at a given voltage. Now you have a basic idea about both batteries, let’s find out the differences between them.

ParametersC10 Battery C20 Battery
Energy Providing AbilityCan provide more energy in a short time.Not capable to provide more energy in a short time.
Discharge RateCan safely discharge power in 10 HoursCan safely discharge power in 20 Hours
Charging DurationLowerHigher
Backup LimitLowerHigher
Load Providing AbilityHigherLower

The C10 battery is capable to provide a higher load for a shorter timer. Whereas the C20 failed to do so. For example, let’s take two battery such as C10 and C20 that have a capacity of 300Ah. The C10 battery can last 10 hours while connecting to a 30 Amp load. Whereas the C20 battery can last 20 hours while connecting to a 15 Amp load. 

From this, you can get that if you want a backup for a higher load then C10 is the best but it will provide you lesser backup time than C20 battery. Simply put, to get higher energy in a short time, C10 is better or otherwise, you can go for C20.

Another key difference is the charging and discharging rate of C10 and C20 batteries. The C10 battery is attributed to Fast Discharge and the C20 is known as Medium Discharge.  Though the C10 battery has a faster discharge rate; it has a faster charging rate. On the other hand, the C20 has a lower rate for both charging and discharging rate.

For example, a C10 150 Ah battery will need about 6 to 7 hours to fully charge and on the other hand, a C20 150 Ah battery needs more than 10 hours to fully charge.

Our Verdict about Choosing Between C10 and C20 Solar Battery

As we have stated earlier, both batteries are best for different situations. If you are looking for a solar battery for your household then you should go for C20 batteries. Because our household appliances don’t require higher voltage. Also, if there is a long power outage then C20 solar battery can provide more backup than the C10 battery.

Now, if you are looking for a battery for your workspace or industrial purpose, then C10 is the ideal one for you. During the power outage, it will be able to supply higher energy than the C20 battery.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Which is better C10 or C20 battery for the inverter?

For household inverter, you should go for C20 battery but if you are looking for your workspace or industries then you should go for C10 batteries for the inverter.

Which battery capacity rating is more common in solar installations?

C10 is more common in solar installations but C20 is also used instead of C10 batteries. Simply put, both C10 and C20 batteries are used in solar installations but C10 has more popularity than C20.

Are C10 batteries more expensive than C20 batteries?

Yes but not that much expensive than a C20 battery. The C10 battery is designed to provide a higher current with a faster charging rate. That’s why C10 is more expensive than C20 batteries.


Lastly, both of the batteries are best at their respective places. If you use C20 for industries and C10 for households then you will definitely disappoint on these batteries. That’s why you need to choose the right one for your house and your workspace to get a satisfactory outcome.

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