RPS Solar Pumps Common Problems (How to Fix)

The solar pumps are more energy efficient than the other pumps. They are environment friendly as well as it’s a cost-effective option. There you will find different manufacturers who are selling solar pumps and RPS is one of them.

If you are considering buying a RPS solar pump then you should be aware of the common problems of this pump. After a certain period, you may start facing them but there is nothing to worry about because you can fix them by yourself

In this article, we have shared the common problems of RPS solar pumps as well as the solutions. So, be with us till the end and find out the troubleshooting ways for the common problems of RPS solar pumps.

RPS Solar Pumps Common Problems

What Are the Common Problems of RPS Solar Pumps

While using RPS solar pumps you may face a few problems. The problem is encountered by all of the users who have used or using the RPS solar pumps. Here we have pointed out the common problems.

  • Not getting enough water flow, pump isn’t pumping properly.
  • Low well censor is not working properly.
  • Error light or low power light is on.
  • Getting no lights on the controller.
  • Pump is turned on but not getting water from it.

These are the most common issues encountered by RPS solar pumps. In the next segment, we have provided the troubleshooting guide. So, don’t fall asleep and be with us till the end.

Troubleshooting of Common Problems of RPS Solar Pumps

As aforementioned, there are five common problems that are faced by the users and also you may face them after a certain time. They might seem critical but the solutions are very easy. With the help of this troubleshooting guide, you can solve problems with ease.

1: Not Getting Proper Water Flow

When you are not getting proper water flow from your pump then the reason is the tilt angle of the solar panel. If the solar panel stopped getting the sun ray properly then you won’t get proper water flow. 

So, check and fix the tilt angle of the solar panel. And make sure it’s getting proper sun rays and there is no obstacle that can put a shadow on the solar panel.

Also, based on different locations in the USA, the RPS organization provided a perfect tilt angle for the panels.

In Northern states, the tilt angle should be fixed at 37˚. In summer it should have minus 2˚ and in winter the angle should be 41˚.

For western states, the tilt angle should be fixed at 30˚. In summer it should have minus 11˚ and in winter the angle should be 50˚.

2: Low Well Censor Light is Turned On

If the LED of the low well censor is turned on on the controller and stuck then you can fix it by repositioning the low well censor. If the censor isn’t in the water or not hanging in the controller then this issue shows up.

To fix this, hang the censor on the controller or submerge it in water then reset the controller. The problem will be solved.

3: Error Light Or Low Power Light is Turned On

If the speed controller is set to 0 then on the controller, you will get to see that the error light or low power light is turned on. To fix this, open the controller and then look for the speed controller inside of it. Turn the speed controller to ten and this issue will be fixed.

4: Getting No Lights On The Controller

After connecting the cables, you noticed that there is no light on the controller. Well, in that case, either you didn’t have turned on the pump or the cable connection is loosened. 

So, check with the cable connection and also check whether you have turned the pump on or not.

5: The Pump Is Turned On But Not Getting Water

After turning on the solar pump, you are not getting any water from it. The lights are turned on but there is no water. Well, then the issue is with the pump wires. Inside the controller, there you will get three wires. If you have put them on the wrong port then you will face this issue.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why MPPT light is blinking on the controller?

Basically, the MPPT light on the RPS solar pump when starts blinking, but it doesn’t indicate any error code or issue. When the light starts flashing, on that time, it starts searching for the maximum power point.

Why Water is running continuously from my solar pump?

If the check valve inside the riser pipe is damaged or open then you will start facing this issue. Changing or fixing the check valve can solve this issue.


To sum up, unless there are any damages, you can fix the issues by yourself by following the aforementioned troubleshooting guide. While following the last troubleshooting guide, if you still not getting any water. Then most probably the rotor has unscrewed and as a result, you are not getting any water. You will need to pull out the pump, fix the rotor, and then the issue will be solved.

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