Ring Solar Panel Says Not Connected | Reasons and Fixes

The primary purpose of the Ring camera battery is to maximize its lifespan by minimizing frequent charging. Your solar panel is intelligently designed to initiate charging when the battery level drops below 90%.

Though your solar panel may be functioning as intended, occasional technology glitches can occur. In such cases, restarting your Ring, particularly when the battery charge is low, can often resolve the connectivity issue. Remember that these minor troubleshooting steps can swiftly restore your Ring’s seamless performance.

To verify the connection status of your Ring solar panel, access the ‘Settings’ menu and locate the ‘Health’ section. Within this section, you will find your Ring solar panel listed either as ‘Connected’ or ‘Not Connected.’ 

Ring Solar Panel Says Not Connected

Reasons Behind Why Ring Solar Panel Says Not Connected? 

Here are the potential causes of “Not Connected” status:

1. Temporary Glitches

Within the domain of technology, intermittent hiccups are not exceptional. A transient disturbance in communication between the Ring Solar Panel and the associated device can trigger the “Not Connected” status. Whereas such issues could appear disappointing, they are frequently settled with basic troubleshooting steps.

2. Wi-Fi Signal Strength 

A stable and strong Wi-Fi connection is fundamental for consistent communication between the Ring Solar Panel and the associated device. In case the Wi-Fi signal is weak or encountering fluctuations, it can lead to connectivity issues, resulting in the “Not Connected” message.

3. Network Disruptions

Network interruptions caused by router glitches, firmware upgrades, or other external components can affect the connection between the Ring Solar Panel and the Ring device. Addressing these network-related issues can reestablish the connection.

4. Improper Positioning

Inaccurate placement of the Ring Solar Panel can moreover influence its ability to charge the associated device and keep up a consistent connection. Guaranteeing appropriate alignment and positioning of the solar panel beneath direct daylight is crucial for ideal performance.

Fixing the “Not Connected” Issue with Ring Solar Panel

Here are the fixes – 

Fix 1: Check for Temporary Glitches

Reboot both your Ring device and the connected solar panel. This basic step can clear minor issues and reestablish the connection. Moreover, power cycle your Wi-Fi router to refresh network connections, as network disruptions can in some cases be the culprit. Hold up for a couple of minutes before checking in case the “Not Connected” status persists.

Fix 2: Ensure Strong Wi-Fi Signal

Verify that your Ring device is getting a strong signal in its area. A weak signal or irregular fluctuations can ruin connectivity. Consider moving your router to a more central area or invest in a Wi-Fi range extender to reinforce the signal within the area.

Fix 3: Address Network Disruptions

Check for any firmware updates and apply them if available. Moreover, ensure your Wi-Fi router’s firmware is up to date, as obsolete firmware can sometimes interfere with proper device connections. If you’re using any VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy settings, disable them temporarily to check if they could be causing the “Not Connected” status.

Fix 4: Optimize Solar Panel Positioning

Ensure that it is satisfactorily situated to receive maximum daylight exposure. Adjust the angle and direction of the solar panel, keeping it adjusted with the sun’s way throughout the day. 

Fix 5: Check Physical Connections

Assess the power cable and connections between the Ring Solar Panel and your Ring device. Ensure they are safely plugged in without any harm or loose connections. Even a marginally loose connection can lead to communication issues, so double-check each connection point. 

Fix 6: Perform a Factory Reset

If all else falls flat, you can attempt a factory reset on both your Ring device and the solar panel. Keep in mind that this step will delete any customized settings, so be prepared to reconfigure your preferences. 

Fix 7: Contact Ring Support

Should the “Not Connected” issue continue in spite of attempting these troubleshooting steps, it’s time to look for assistance from Ring’s customer support. The knowledgeable support team can offer more advanced investigating techniques or help identify any underlying hardware-related issues. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How Do I Know if My Ring Solar Is Working?

To confirm if your Ring Solar Panel is operational, check the device’s status within the Ring app for power indication, monitor battery levels over time, search for solar panel-related settings, and ensure the panel gets satisfactory daylight exposure.

Why Is a Strong Wi-Fi Signal Important for the Ring Solar Panel?

A solid and steady Wi-Fi signal is essential for proper communication between your Ring device and the solar panel. Without a solid signal, the devices may have trouble establishing a reliable connection, leading to the “Not Connected” status.


In conclusion, resolving the “Not Connected” issue along with your Ring Solar Panel is achievable through systematic troubleshooting. By following the outlined steps and guaranteeing appropriate positioning, you’ll be able to reestablish consistent connectivity and enjoy reliable home security. 

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