[Answered] How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels?

One of the major concerns among solar users is, to make the solar pigeon-proof. Having unwanted guests under your one of the most expensive things isn’t acceptable. Under the solar panels, the pigeons can get a warmer place as well as a safe shelter to live in.

However, due to this, solar panels can be damaged quickly and there you might have other issues that can reduce the life span of it. To get rid of pigeons, solar panel users opt to use pigeon-proof options to protect their panels.

Generally, the pigeon-proofing job can cost you more or less than $1500. The cost depends on the material and other cost. In this article, we have discussed; how much you will need to spend for pigeon proofing your solar panel. Let’s get started.

How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Factors that Affect the Costing for Pigeon Proofing

There are so many factors that can affect the cost. You can get the job done for $200 or you may need to spend more than $1500. Here we have shared the factors that affect the cost of pigeon proofing.

  • The cost will depend on which type of solution you are going to use.
  • Installation cost of the installers.
  • Area of your solar panels.
  • Accessibility to solar panels. If it needs scaffolding, then the installers will charge more. 

Amount of Money that You Will Need to Spend for Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

As aforementioned, the amount of money can vary in different scenarios. Here we have tried to provide an abrupt idea that will help to understand the cost while pigeon-proofing your solar panels.

There you will find different types of pigeon-proofing options. Let’s find out the price of them.

1. Bird Mesh Wire for Pigeon Proofing

Using metal mesh around the solar panels is one of the most popular options for pigeon-proofing. If you can reach the solar panels by yourself then you can install them around the solar panels by yourself. This type of metal mesh can cost you $60-$130 per meter. Now, multiply the price by the length of your solar panels and you will get the actual amount of money.

2. Bird Spikes for Pigeon Proofing

Another pigeon-proofing way is using bird spikes. When you are installing it around the solar panels, the pigeons won’t get a pleasant landing spot and won’t be able to go under the solar panels. These are the inexpensive choice that you can choose. They will cost around $5 per foot and for an average roof, you will need to spend around $200.

3. Solar Panel Skirting for Pigeon Proofing

Solar panel skirting is widely chosen for aesthetic purposes. This thong not only pigeon proof the solar panels but also provide an aesthetic look to the edge of the solar panels. Compared to the first two options, it cost more. Per foot, it can cost you $50 to $100 and the value can vary from the materials that it has been made of.

4. Replica Predator or Scar Crow for Pigeon Proofing

According to research, using a replica predator like a piece of a plastic hawk, owl, or falcon can keep pigeons away. And if you are using one or two of these around the solar panel, it will help the surround to act as deterrents. As a result, you can keep your Solar underneath pigeon free. And it will cost not more than $5.

So, here is the abrupt idea of the cost you will need to bear when you are going to follow any aforementioned ways for pigeon-proofing. If you need an installation team then you will need to add the extra money with the aforementioned amounts and then you will get the exact cost for pigeon proofing.

Will Pigeon-proofing Solar Panels Void My Warranty?

No, if you have installed the pigeon-proofing properly, it won’t void the warranty. But, during installation, if anything happens like you drill the panel for installation then it will void the warranty of the solar panel. So, be conscious while installing.


Lastly, the cost will depend on the type and the installation fee of the pigeon proofing. If you want an inexpensive option then you can go for the replica predator or bird spikes. Both options will cost you less and if you have proper risk-free access to the solar panels then the installation fee will be saved as well.

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