Cheapest Solar Companies in California | 2024 Guide

Finding an affordable solar company can be challenging with so many options available in California. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you identify the cheapest solar companies operating in the state.

From industry leaders like Solar.com to locally trusted names like Discount Solar Solutions and Best Solar 4 Less Inc., California has a variety of cost-effective solar solutions designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Read on to learn about the cheapest solar companies in California and choose the one that best fits your budget.

Cheapest Solar Companies in California

Cheapest Solar Companies in California

1. Discount Solar Solutions

Discount Solar Solutions

Located in Bakersfield, Discount Solar Solutions is praised by customers as the “cheapest solar company” they’ve come across. Their competitive pricing makes them a top choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Contact: +1 844-292-4183

Website: Discount Solar Solutions

Best Thing: “Cheapest solar company I’ve ever seen.”

2. Solar.com


While one contractor was cheaper, many customers note that Solar.com, based in Los Angeles, offers very reasonable prices compared to other solar providers in California.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Contact: +1 888-454-9979

Website: Solar.com

Best Thing: “Cheaper than other reputed companies”

3. Best Solar Power

Best Solar Power

Customers rave about Best Solar Power’s “amazing prices” for their solar installations in the Encino area.

Location: Encino, CA

Contact: +1 844-757-7971

Website: Best Solar Power

Best Thing: “Their prices are amazing.”

4. California Solar Guys

California Solar Guys

Although slightly higher than some competitors, California Solar Guys in Downey is still considered affordable by customers for their pricing.

Location: Downey, CA

Contact: +1 562-413-6293

Website: California Solar Guys

Best Thing: “Their service is great”

5. LA Solar Group

LA Solar Group

Offering “the best price in the market,” LA Solar Group in San Fernando is a wallet-friendly option for all-in-one solar solutions.

Location: San Fernando, CA

Contact: +1 818-373-0077

Website: LA Solar Group

Best Thing: “All-in-one solutions with the best price in the market.”

6. Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum

With locations in Benicia and Glendale, Solar Optimum installs high-quality panels at reasonable prices according to reviews.

Location: Benicia, CA & Glendale, CA

Contact: +1 707-238-7300 (Benicia), +1 818-745-1484 (Glendale)

Website: Solar Optimum

Best Thing: “Ensure quality at lower prices.”

7. Cali Solar

Cali Solar

An open 24/7 company based in Roseville, Cali Solar provides cost-effective solar installations to California residents.

Location: Roseville, CA

Contact: +1 916-237-8288

Website: Cali Solar

Best Thing: Provide the best customer service.

8. Best Solar 4 Less Inc

Best Solar 4 Less Inc

True to their name, Best Solar 4 Less Inc. in Burbank aims to offer solar systems at highly competitive prices.

Location: Burbank, CA

Contact: +1 818-333-5007

Website: Best Solar 4 Less Inc.

Best Thing: Highly recommended by their customers.

9. California Solar System

California Solar System

Customers praise the “best prices” from California Solar System, allowing them to afford solar panels with a smooth process in Downey.

Location: Downey, CA

Contact: +1 209-443-2861

Website: California Solar System

Best Thing: “These people will treat you like family”

Key Considerations While Selecting Cheap Solar Solutions in California

While affordability is a top priority, it’s essential to consider several other factors when choosing a solar company in California:

  1. Experience and Reputation: Research the company’s track record, read customer reviews, and check their ratings with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Product Quality and Warranties: Invest in high-quality solar panels and equipment that come with comprehensive warranties to protect your investment.
  3. Financing Options: Look for companies that offer flexible financing options, such as leasing plans, purchase agreements, or loan programs that fit your budget.
  4. Customer Service and Support: Choose a company with a dedicated support team available to address any concerns or issues throughout the installation process and beyond.
  5. Permits and Certifications: Verify that the solar company is licensed, insured, and certified to operate in California, ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Wrapping Up

While cost is certainly an important factor, it’s also crucial to consider the experience, reputation, product quality, financing options, and customer service offered by each solar company. By taking the time to research and compare your options, you can find the cheapest solar company in California that meets both your budget and your needs. If you have any additional questions or need further guidance on selecting an affordable solar provider, feel free to leave a comment below. Finding the right solar partner is essential to maximize your cost savings while enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

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